We sent out surveys to current and former clients to see how we can improve and how we are doing. Here's what some of them had to say...

"When I met Elsbeth, she did a personal assessment and set me up for individual sessions for a few weeks. After only 4 weeks of training with Elsbeth, and having a very specific work out routine developed for my back problems, my sciatica symptoms have disappeared. Can you imagine? This is incredible!"

"The attention to my individual needs regarding past injuries and ongoing physical limitations is outstanding. Because of this, I have been able to progress farther than I have in a long time." - Jennifer

"I seem to be suddenly a lot stronger than some of my friends who train in a more bodybuilding oriented way and who are bigger than me."

"I originally started at Custom Strength to address a hip injury, which has progressed over the past two years to the point where I no longer consider it an issue--and I very much appreciate your help with that recovery!"

"My absolute favourite thing about training at Custom Strength is the amazingly supportive community I've found. The trainers and clients alike are friendly and easy going, and its very obvious that it's a place people love to train. I'm relatively new to strength training, but I'm not remotely intimidated by the other clients or the trainers. It's an extremely welcoming environment. "

"By far the longest I've stuck with any sort of fitness program, primarily because Elsbeth has been so keen and able to see me through SO many different adaptations (pre-surgery, post-surgery, pregnancy, and totally anticipating my great postpartum comeback). The sense of community, a collaborative approach to wellness, a full-on embrace of snark and laughter, and really great trainers who are constantly learning and striving to improve. "

"I'm so much stronger, and for so little time investment! i see so much progress, and without hurting myself! "

"[I] will never forget the great help you were in getting me back on my feet and back to my new 100%."

"I would have to say that Jim's positive, enthusiastic attitude really makes training here the best. I also appreciate the level of knowledge and expertise. I have had a few trainers before, but have never worked with such a knowledgeable trainer."

"I really enjoyed the training I did with you, it shed some light on the mechanics of realigning motion and focusing on the dynamics of balancing strengths (in my case front and back – quads and hamstrings), and how important that is in preventing injuries, especially as one gets older. "

"Very knowledgeable instructor/coach. Lots of inventive, useful exercises beyond simple barbell/dumbbell work. "

"[I] will never forget the great help you were in getting me back on my feet and back to my new 100%."

"I initially came to Custom Strength to deal with knee/ab/etc problems, which plagued me for years despite having seen multiple doctors, chiropractors, physios, RMTs, athletic therapists, etc, etc. So, 1+ year later on since starting with you guys, I don't even think of my knee issues. To boot, I'm the strongest I've ever been too (PB's this month: 205 rack-pull, 4 reps of chin-ups using 10lb weight, and today did a 9 min row at 2:07min/500m). It's feels incredibly satisfying to hit athletic milestones like this -- literally decades since I last worked out seriously (which was undergrad, circa 1997). "

"SI joint pain intensity and frequency is 5% of what it was prior to training. Did not miss work due to SI pain in the past year. Noticeable core strength and general well-being."