Lean Out

If you're keen to develop healthier habits (and maybe dropping a few pounds), then Lean Out is just the thing. It is an 8 week program where you'll adopt one new habit each week. Each habit is intended to be achievable by normal people, and is created to also provide insights to help you navigate through the masses of sometimes contradictory information you've seen about nutrition and exercise.



How to start working out

If you're someone who wants to start getting stronger, but is turned off about going to the gym, or isn't sure what to do or how to go about it, this ebook is for you.

It's my attempt to "bottle" what we do at Custom Strength, because somehow Custom Strength has blossomed into this great little spot where people come to get a little stronger and a little more fit without being pressured into doing more than is right for them.



Training Around Injuries: Home Exercises for FAI is now available!

It is an ebook featuring a series of exercises designed to improve strength and range of motion in and around the hip joint for people with FAI (Femoro acetabular impingement). It's written by someone (me) who has both personal (left hip) and professional (personal trainer who receives many referrals for clients with hip injuries) experience with FAI. And it includes video demonstrations for each exercise included in the ebook.



Ski training e-book

Imagine not being sore after your first day on snow. Or being able to ski every day of your big mountain vacation without feeling like your legs are going to fall off. It is possible.



Coaching Glute Exercises: A Custom Strength Coaching Guide

This coaching guide shares the exercises we use for glute training, our approach for testing glute engagement, how we determine whether the exercise selected is working effectively, cues we use to improve them, and how we regress and progress.