Video-coached semi-private training and At-home workout programs

We offer two versions of online training, customized at-home programs, and coached semi-private sessions where we are there right with you (via videoconference) as you do your workout.

Customized at-home workout program

You’ll start this option by filling in a questionnaire telling us your goals, the equipment you have (big bags of rice?), how long you’d like your workout to take, how often you plan to do it, and whether you’d like us to hound you a bit to help make sure you actually do your workouts.

We'll use all of that to put together a workout customized for you, your goals, and your environment. Once we create your custom program, we’ll go over it with you during a thirty-minute video session, at which point you'll be set to do your workouts. We will continue to answer questions via email, the Custom Strength Online workoutspace on Slack and with additional mini-video chats. You’ll also find extra motivation and even additional workouts you can do on the workoutspace - if that's of interest to you.

Video-trainer workout sessions

This is as close to in-gym workouts as you can get without actually going to the gym. We’ll start with a questionnaire to help us put together the best possible training program for you, and then we’ll book a time for your first coached training session. In between we’ll create a workout program customized to you.

Your first workout will be one-on-one with one of our awesome trainers (check out or testimonials to get a sense of how much our clients like working out with us) so you can get the hang of the exercises you’ll do. After that, you’ll continue to do your workouts via video conference with your trainer, but the cool thing is that there will be up to two other people on the video call doing their custom workout with the trainer at the same time.

This is how all our in-gym training happens, and our clients love it. It makes the workout a bit more social, and also keeps the cost down a bit as you’re basically sharing the cost of your trainer with two other people.

This option is great for those who are a bit more social, tend to need a little extra push because you’ll have a set workout time that you’re paying for whether you take part or not, or who want a little extra attention to their form while they’re doing their workouts (versus just doing the workout at home on your own).

Interested? Questions?

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