Video-coached semi-private training

We offer an at-home training option that is very similar to our in-gym option: coached semi-private sessions where we are there right with you (via Zoom) as you do your workout.

Video-trainer workout sessions

This is as close to in-gym workouts as you can get without actually going to the gym. We’ll start with a questionnaire and we’ll book a time to meet with you via video to talk about your goals, any injury or health issues that may be relevant, and also have you do a few basic movements, all of which will help us put together the best possible program for you. Then we'll book regular times for your video-coached training at which point we'll coach you through the custom training program we put together for you.

You’ll do your workouts via video conference with your trainer, but the cool thing is that there will be up to two other people either on the video call or in the gym, doing their custom workout with the trainer at the same time.

This is how all our training happens, and our clients love it. It makes the workout a bit more social, and also keeps the cost down a bit as you’re basically sharing the cost of your trainer with two other people.

This option is great for those who want someone to take care of their workouts and coach them through them, but don't want to go to a gym.

Interested? Questions?

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