About Us :: Nathalie Presseau, PTS

Nathalie has been a great asset to our team since joining Custom Strength in 2015. Prior to that Nathalie had been a Custom Strength client as she was training for Australian Rules Football. She discovered the Ottawa Swans Australian Rules Football Club by chance during the men's off season training at a pool where she was a lifeguard. She tried the sport shortly after, becoming part of the first ever women's team, and in 2015 played on the national team. She’s been an athlete her whole life, having played water polo, white water kayaking, skiing, biking, swimming and scuba diving.

When not in the water, on the pitch, or in the gym, Nathalie works as a science writer, where she draws on her master's degree is in chemistry.

Nathalie consistently demonstrates a strong understanding of exercise and movement, brings an eagerness to learn more, and engages clients with her fun and welcoming personality.

Credentials: M.Sc. in Chemistry, CanFit Pro Certified