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mini Functional Assessment for Skiers Tool (mFAST)TM

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If you are a skier, and you have ever wondered if limitations in the way you move may be preventing your best turns, mFAST is what you need.

mFAST was developed by our head trainer, who is a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), as well as a certified ski instructor. It was designed based on her unique background in movement assessment, exercise prescription, and on-snow ski assessment and correction.

The premise behind mFAST is that if we have movement restrictions on a regular floor, then how can we possilby think that restriction will disappear when we strap a pair of skis on our feet and hurl ourselves down a mountain?

The answer, of course, is that it will not. Our basic body movement is the foundation for our skiing. If it is limited; our skiing will be limited.

But the human body is an incredible compensator! If you are strong and determined, your body will find ways to do what you ask it!

The key question is: Is that really a good thing?

What are the implications of that compensation in terms of injury and long term joint health?

You know the answer.

Take a look at the video above and try the movements.

If any of them feel awkward, or if the feel different from left to right, then you probably have some issues.

Don't feel bad - most people do.

If you are in the majority, and you have some movement limitations, consider taking a video of yourself doing these movements, and submitting it to us.

For $25, we will review your video and send you a summary of our findings along with a set of up to 4 recommended corrective exercises that will help you to address these limitations. These are exercises that you can do at home or at the gym that will improve your ability to move on your skis.

If you submit payment and your video, but our review shows that you actually have perfect movement, we will refund your money. And we will congratulate you.

Assessment, Please!

  • Make sure you know the URL for your video link. You will submit that with your payment.
  • You will receive your report within 72 hours of submission.
  • If you have additional comments or questions, please send them! We will try to address them as part of your report.

Questions? Submit them and we will provide our best answers!


How are you progressing? Re-do the movements and submit a new video for re-assessment for only $15!

  If you have been diligent with your homework, your movement should be improved!
  • If your movement is perfect, we will refund the re-assessment fee and congratulate you!
  • If you have improved on some tests but not all, we will provide you with corrections for any tests that still need work.
  • If there is no change, we will refund the re-assessment fee, and recommend that you either continue to work on the movements, or that you pay a visit to a sports-related health care professional to see if there are any underlying problems that are preventing quality movement.


Calling all ski instructors, ski school directors and ski retailers

mFAST is a great tool that you could be using to help your clients improve their skiing

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to implement it at your ski hill or store, please contact us, and lets talk!

Ski instructors could use it to identify (and provide exericses for) asymmetries or weakness that may be hindering progress on-hill.

Ski retailers could use it to see if they can correct alignment issues they see in boots without making structural alignment changes.

In each case, if progress is not made within 2 to 3 weeks, then referral to a bootfitter would be in order.


The mFAST is a great option for skiers, but if you have access to an FMS certified trainer, then a complete screen with the FMS is your best bet. The FMS is a great system. We use it for every client that we train in person.

Unfortunately not everyone has access to an FMS certified trainer. The goal of creating mFAST, was to provide an assessment option:

  • That requires minimal equipment for online video assessments.
  • That is simple and easy to do in a ski lodge or ski store, so that ski instructors and boot fitters could use it with their clients.