About Us :: Melissa Staddon, PTS

Melissa joined the Custom Strength team in 2015 after working as a trainer at GoodLife. She currently works with us part-time while she spends her days as a counsellor at Carleton University. That she works as a trainer in her spare time is testament to her enthusiasm for training and helping others. Melissa’s training interests lie in both bodybuilding and powerlifting, where she enjoys both the physical transformation they can enact on the body as well as the therapeutic benefit. Melissa shares her passion for healthy living, positive mindset, and self-care on her blog as a means to help women achieve sustainable balance in their life.

Since joining Custom Strength, Melissa’s clients consistently provide unsolicited feedback about her impressive coaching ability and how much they enjoy training with her.

Credentials: BA (Hons) in Psychology, MA in Educational Counselling, CanFit Pro Certified