Get Lean

The Get Lean is an attainable nutrition and lifestyle program based on changing just one habit at a time. Simple and easy.

Here are a few details:

  • You'll adopt one new habit each week for 8 weeks.
  • You'll learn what the new habit is via email at the beginning of each week, and then you'll receive an email every day (for the duration of the program) that sheds light on why that habit is important and tries to provide some clarity to the seemingly contradictory nutritional information available.
  • You'll also be given a (brief) tracking form that you can use to keep tabs on how well you're sticking to the program. The science is pretty clear that accountability is important, but practically speaking, most people don't fill in their food diaries for long. This tracking sheet is an alternative solution.
  • You can customize the difficulty level, and change it along the way if you are struggling or want more of a challenge.
  • You start receiving the program content the day you register. This means you should plan to start the program either the day you sign up, or the day after. We don't recommend waiting longer than a day after registering to start as we all know how one day can turn into many days.

Change since the last edition:

For those of you who have done this program before, there is one primary change:

  • You now get a downloadable and editable pdf form for tracking your progress. This means you don't have to remember whether you submitted yesterday, or how many glasses of water you've had this week.
  • A nuance of this change, is that it also means you won't be submitting tracking sheets every day. For some of you this will be a welcome change; for others it will be disappointing as you liked that aspect of the program; and for some of you it will have no effect one way or the other.

Get Lean 8 Week Challenge



Testimonials from past participants:

"I am loving this program of yours. I look forward to the daily e-mail. Each article is so well written, fun, pragmatic, informative and to-the-point."

"I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in this - I have learned so much, your nutrition info is the best I have read. I would probably be one of your older participants at 64, and weight loss was not a big issue but I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and what has been so surprising for me is that the process of being answerable every morning by an email has been such a powerful motivator! When I was tempted to indulge I would think of how I would feel in the morning when I got to answer that question - weird eh!"

"What an incredible amount of information and motivation you've put together. Receiving a daily email was a big help in keeping me motivated to continue with the challenge. I looked forward to it every morning. (And had a moment of withdrawal this morning, I admit.) Your challenge was reasonable in its expectations, inspiring in its content, and successful in its goal to get me lean(er). I have new habits which I'm sure will continue, because they're easy (I'll let you know!). I'm optimistic because none of them killed me to do. I never felt like I had to deny myself. If I was hungry, I ate. I just ate different things, healthier things. More vegetables, more protein. I exercised. I drank water. I slept. Nothing crazy. But so effective. I've had such great results. (Not that I'm counting, but I lost almost 20 pounds!) Most importantly, I'm feeling more like my old self. I'm planning on playing tennis this summer, finally! Do you have a "Get to Wimbledon" Challenge? I'm pretty sure that's a reasonable goal for me. "

Get Lean 8 Week Challenge



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