About Us :: Elsbeth Vaino, B.Sc., CSCS

Elsbeth's expertise is primarily in training athletes whose regular training or sports performance has been reduced due to injury. She also works with people who are interested in improving their quality of life and performance, from teenagers to septuagenarians. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Elsbeth enjoyed a successful career in engineering.

In addition to training, Elsbeth also teaches athletes and trainers, including the following presentations. If you are interested in hiring Elsbeth to speak to your team or at an event, send her an email through the contact page.


  • "Coach, Adapt, or Replace? Training in the absence of uniformity" at Michael Boyle Strength and Conditionoing, Woburn, MA
  • "Is it Coachable or is it Structural?" at NSCA Pacific, Vancouver, BC
  • "Is it Coachable or is it Structural?" at NSCA Missouri, Springfield, MO
  • "Training Around Injuries" at Highline College, Seattle, WA
  • "Training Around Injuries" at Refine Fitness, Windsor, ON
  • "Are you built to lift?" at University of Toronto International Strength and Conditioning Summit, Toronto, ON
  • "Are you built to lift?" at Women's Fitness Summit, Kansas City, MO
  • "Structural Differences by Gender & their Implications" at The Women's Fitness Summit, Kansas City, MO
  • "Are you built to lift?" at Real & Ideal: Program Design in an Imperfect world, Tampa, Fl
  • "Mastering the Art of New Client Assessments" at Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy, Ottawa, ON
  • "Developing your Niche" to Becoming the Expert (thePTDC), Toronto, ON
  • "Your Knees and Ultimate" to the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association, Ottawa, ON
  • "Developing your Niche" to Algonquin College Personal Training students, Ottawa, ON
  • "Movement Concepts and their Implications for Track & Field Athletes" to the Ottawa Lions Track Club, Ottawa, ON
  • "Training Tips for Injury Risk Reduction & Performance" at the Ottawa Ski Show, Ottawa, ON
  • "Exercise and Nutrition for the CEO" to Entrepreneurs' Organization Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Elsbeth continues to attend seminars across North America in the hopes that each year she will be a better trainer than the previous year.

Seminars and courses attended

  • NCCP Run, Jump, Throw technical course, Ottawa, ON
  • NCCP Weightlifing coach technical course, Hamilton, ON
  • Mentorship with Michael Boyle, author of Functional Training for Sports and Advances in Functional Training, Boston, MA
  • "Building the Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to Performance" with Dr. Stuart McGill, a spinal biomechanist and author of Low Back Disorders and Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance, Ottawa, ON
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Movement System Impairments of the Lumbar Spine & Hip" with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, world renowned physical therapist and professor, and author of Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes, Fairfield, CT
  • Golf Fitness Instructor course (Titleist Performance Institute), Toronto, ON
  • Youth Fitness Specialist course (International Youth Conditioning Association), Providence, RI
  • Perform Better Functional Training Summits, featuring world class speakers including Thomas Myers (author of Anatomy Trains), John Berardi (Performance Nutrition), Alwyn Cosgrove (The New Rules of Lifting), Mark Verstegen (Core Performance), Al Vermeil (legendary strength coach and the only one with world championship rings from both the NFL and NBA), Eric Cressey (Maximum Strength) and many more, Long Beach, CA

In addition to her training background, Elsbeth also has an extensive sports background, including experience as a ski instructor, a disabled ski guide, a hockey coach, and an ultimate coach. As an athlete, she has competed nationally in ultimate, and provincially in basketball and hockey.


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength & Conditioning Association)
  • Functional Movement Screen (Level 1)
  • Fundamental Movement Skills (National Coaching Certification Program)
  • Level 2 Ski Instructor (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance)
  • Track & Field coach in training (NCCP)
  • Weightlifting coach in training (NCCP)