COVID-19 Safety Measures

Our approach to COVID safety is more stringent than the Provincial requirement is for gyms. This is because we want our clients to feel safe when they work out, but also because we want to feel safe when we come to work.

Here's what we're doing:

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times. If you find an exercise is too hard with a mask, we'll switch it out and have you do an exercise that isn't.
  • Everyone has, and must remain in, their own zone for their work out. These zones are setup such that you are about 20 feet away from the nearest other person.
  • Everything is cleaned between use, including weights, mats, cable attachments, bands, and even pens and cleaning cloths.
  • We had MERV-13 filters installed in our hvac system.
  • We ask a health screening questionnaire to everyone who enters and refuse entry to those who cannot answer 'No' to every question.
  • We check your (and our) temperature upon entry.
  • Our trainers have been given strict guidance that if they have any symptoms and can't find a replacement trainer, that we will close instead of having them work with symptoms.